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Laser Tag

You really shouldn't look down the barrel

The Predator Crew got together for a fun time at Invasion Laser Tag…What a great time!!! The guys were running around getting out all of their frustrations.

We really had a great time, Thanks Invasion Laser Tag!!

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Our sincere condolences to the Ortemond family

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Ortemond family for the loss of both Leon Sr. and his son David, this weekend to a boating accident. Leon Sr. was a good friend and part of the Predator Family. He and his son will be missed. The only salvation was that he went out living life to the fullest. We will miss you both.

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Meet the guys at Predator

Jeff, Paul, Sen, Rusty, Chito, and Randy work diligently to complete the conversions, upgrades and general maintenance on vehicles. At any given time we have 5 or more Hummers in the shop for conversions. The guys are the very best at what they do and take great pride in their work. It may seem like your job isn’t going as fast as you would like, but they are the best and take satisfaction in knowing that the job is done right.

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An Afternoon at K1

All the crew at Predator got treated to an afternoon at K1, great way for the guys to blow off some steam and come together. The race was on and the everyone had a great time. Thanks Ryan, nothing better then pizza and racing!

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Meet the guys in Fabrication

Eric, Josh, Ken, Curtis and Julio are our fabricators. They are amazing at what they can do. Not only do they fabricate the products that Predator is known for but if a customer has something different or Ryan comes up with a new idea, they are the people that turn the idea into the end product.

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Hummer Club Run



If you missed the Hummer Club run Feb. 24 thru the 26th, you missed out on a lot of fun.

Predator Motorsports had some of their Off Road Tactical Team available to give instructions and guide the participants. They were able to learn a few things that they didn’t realize they could do. We want to Thank everyone that participated, on behalf of the Wounded Warrior foundation. We would also like to Thank Borrrego and the Anza Borrego State for all their hospitality.


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Rob’s Custom Duramax Hummer H1

We are very excited to wrap up an amazing custom build for Rob.

After converting Robs Hummer to a Duramax Diesel with the Allison Transmission, we stripped his hummer down to Raw Aluminum and Steel. Rob then flew out for a quick visit to see the progress. After he saw his vehicle in a stripped down form, he turned to us and asked if we can leave it raw! With a little thought we said, “why not”.

We spent the rest of the day planning out how to accomplish this for Rob and decided that it would be best to do a two tone finish because of the fiberglass hood and steel doors. So Rob decided to go for it and as you can see in the pictures, it is nothing short of amazing!

After Robs Hummer was stripped from paint, we did a brushed finish on the aluminum. The 4 doors and a number of small accessories went out for a textured black powder coated finish. The tricky part of the paint and body work was integrating the fiberglass hood with the brushed aluminum finish. We decided to skin the top center section and follow it up with aluminum rivets to match the H1’s riveted finish. This was really tough and time consuming to get just right. We ended up going through 3 sheets of aluminum and many weeks of tweaking. The final product is a perfect balance of textured black paint and brushed aluminum work. Finally the raw aluminum body was prepped and painted with POR15 for a heavy duty clear coat finish.

On the inside we did a complete interior redesign by giving it a rouged “roll cage” style dash, custom gauges, iPad integration, custom switches, carpet and sound system. The great thing about the interior is that it really brings that rouged look and feel inside Robs Hummer without loosing the creature comforts.

We wrapped up the outside with our new LED Light Package, Search and Rescue Rear Winch Bumper and a number of other appointments.

This truck is by far one of the most unique Hummers to hit the trail!

We hope you enjoy your new Hummer Rob, just make sure to take care of our baby!!!

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Predator Japan and Hummer Club Japan Visit

We had a great visit from several of our good friends from Japan this week. Mr. Ishitobi, Hummer Club Japan Representative and Mr. Shuhei Murakami Owner of Sky Auto and Predator Japan,  honored us with a visit.

Mr. Ishitobi has a Predator Duramax Conversion and was part of the first Conversion that was performed by Predator Japan. He has since installed paddle shifters for the ultimate in drive ability. We are working with Mr. Ishitobi to develop a commercial Paddle Shifter Kit for the H1 Hummer. Mr. Ishitobi is an integral part of the Japanese Hummer Community and one of the most dedicated Hummer owners out there. Check out Hummer Owners Club Japan here:  http://www.hummer-club.jp/

Mr. Shuhei Murakami has served the Hummer Community in Japan for many years. His demand for extremely high levels of quality has made for a perfect fit with Predator. We enjoy every visit he makes out to Predator and look forward to a trip back to Japan soon. Next time your in Japan, visit Shuhei at: http://www.skyauto.co.jp/ Through Shuhei you can get all of your Predator needs including all of our parts, accessories and Duramax Conversions.

Thank you again for your visit and we look forward to seeing our good friends from Japan soon.

From Left to Right: Mr. Ishitobi, Dan Wilson, Mr. Shuhei Murakami, Ryan Wilson and Cory Purvis

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Predator Launches Tactical Offroad Web Site

Predator Inc. launches their new Tactical Offroad Web Site this week. The new site showcases Predator’s Tactical Offroad Training for Military and Government agencies.

For the last several years Predator has been conducting Tactical Offroad Training for various Special Forces groups in the US Military and other government agencies.

For more information please click on the following link: www.predatorincoffroad.com

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