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Meet the guys at Predator

Jeff, Paul, Sen, Rusty, Chito, and Randy work diligently to complete the conversions, upgrades and general maintenance on vehicles. At any given time we have 5 or more Hummers in the shop for conversions. The guys are the very best at what they do and take great pride in their work. It may seem like your job isn’t going as fast as you would like, but they are the best and take satisfaction in knowing that the job is done right.

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Hummer Club Run



If you missed the Hummer Club run Feb. 24 thru the 26th, you missed out on a lot of fun.

Predator Motorsports had some of their Off Road Tactical Team available to give instructions and guide the participants. They were able to learn a few things that they didn’t realize they could do. We want to Thank everyone that participated, on behalf of the Wounded Warrior foundation. We would also like to Thank Borrrego and the Anza Borrego State for all their hospitality.


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Predator ‘Black Box’

We are excited to introduce our latest product, the Predator GPS Black Box. Our tracking unit not only gives you the knowledge of where your vehicle is located, but also lets you know the speed of the vehicle. The tracking unit automatically updates location every five minutes, every hour, every day. Product features; Real Time vehicle location, Real Time vehicle Status (stopped, moving, idle), Historical report of the vehicle movements, Automatic alerts based on vehicle location and Maintenance Alerts and Mileage Reporting.

This GPS vehicle tracking system can be installed discretely for your covert tracking needs.

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Rob’s Custom Duramax Hummer H1

We are very excited to wrap up an amazing custom build for Rob.

After converting Robs Hummer to a Duramax Diesel with the Allison Transmission, we stripped his hummer down to Raw Aluminum and Steel. Rob then flew out for a quick visit to see the progress. After he saw his vehicle in a stripped down form, he turned to us and asked if we can leave it raw! With a little thought we said, “why not”.

We spent the rest of the day planning out how to accomplish this for Rob and decided that it would be best to do a two tone finish because of the fiberglass hood and steel doors. So Rob decided to go for it and as you can see in the pictures, it is nothing short of amazing!

After Robs Hummer was stripped from paint, we did a brushed finish on the aluminum. The 4 doors and a number of small accessories went out for a textured black powder coated finish. The tricky part of the paint and body work was integrating the fiberglass hood with the brushed aluminum finish. We decided to skin the top center section and follow it up with aluminum rivets to match the H1’s riveted finish. This was really tough and time consuming to get just right. We ended up going through 3 sheets of aluminum and many weeks of tweaking. The final product is a perfect balance of textured black paint and brushed aluminum work. Finally the raw aluminum body was prepped and painted with POR15 for a heavy duty clear coat finish.

On the inside we did a complete interior redesign by giving it a rouged “roll cage” style dash, custom gauges, iPad integration, custom switches, carpet and sound system. The great thing about the interior is that it really brings that rouged look and feel inside Robs Hummer without loosing the creature comforts.

We wrapped up the outside with our new LED Light Package, Search and Rescue Rear Winch Bumper and a number of other appointments.

This truck is by far one of the most unique Hummers to hit the trail!

We hope you enjoy your new Hummer Rob, just make sure to take care of our baby!!!

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NEW H1 Rock Rails

Predators Rock Rails are the answer to extreme 4 wheeling! Our rails will protect your doors and the side of your vehicle from rock damage. They allow you to stand off from a rock, hill, tree etc, by pushing the contact point out 3” and can allow you to pivot from them increasing your offroad ability. They additionally substantially strengthen your body by strengthening the most vulnerable point on the side of your Hummer.

To build the finest in Rock Rails, we utilized double wall ¼” Steel design which is fullywelded and boxed for the ultimate in strength, function and quality. Predators unique design utilizes an angular construction which wraps under the factory Rocker Panel Protection (RPP) substantially increasing the strength of the factory protection and adding a ¼” plate of steel that extends 3” under your Hummer. This extension under the RPP increases the strength by direct-bolting to both the side and bottom of the RPP there by ading a perfect Rail to slide on.

We didn’t stop there! On the front and rear, we have caped the Rock Rails to add additional strength and protection on the approach and departure from rocks. This gives substantial strength to the body and stock RPP by forming the new Rock Rails arround the entire outside contact surface of your stock RPP.

Next, we strengthened the main contact point of the Predator Rock Rails using Extruded Steel that is a full ½” thick on the outside contact corner! Finally we triangulated the Rail by boxing in the inside with another piece of 1/4 “ Steel which eleminates any flexing or bending from the Rock Rail. All hardware is flush mounting to offer a clean and smooth finish under your Hummer.

Retail Price is $1295. For a limited time our Rock Rails are on sale for $1150! Act soon before this sale is gone! Call in your order and mention Promotion Code: RR115

For more information please click here: http://shop.predatorinc.com/predatorrockrails.aspx

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Bullrun 2011

Predator Inc. has teamed up with the Bullrun for 2011 as well as “The Dudesons” and MTV for an 8 episode show airing in the fall on MTV.

The new MTV Show will chronicle the life of The Dudesons racing across the U.S. from Las Vegas to Miami in a fully custom Predator Duramax H1 Hummer for the Bullrun Rally.

The race left Las Vegas on Friday 7/8/11 and will end one week later in Miami Florida on 7/15/11.

Watch for more updates as The Dudesons conquer the Bullrun in their Special Edition Predator H1 Hummer!

Fore more information check it out at:





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Justin’s Hummers

We wanted to share, Justin’s Hummers with you. Justin is a really good customer, as you can tell by the Predator parts on his trucks. We think he has done a a great job. Adding the HD Rear Bumper Ladder System, S&R Rear Winch Bumper & one of Predator’s newer items the S & R Bedrack w/Open Assist.  We look forward to seeing more upgrades, (actually I think a set of Predator Rock Skids on the truck would look awesome, hint  hint) We are always excited to see customer’s photos and look forward to sharing them with all of you.

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2011 Touch A Truck Children’s Cancer Research Event

We are honored to be a part of the 2011 Touch-A-Truck event to benefit Children’s Cancer Research through Max’s Ring Of Fire, non-profit organization.

Last year the event raised about $40,000, all of which went DIRECTLY to help the kids! MROF is truly set up to benefit the kids and not a group of board members!

Please come out and see the festivities. This year our friends from MARSOC are showing up with the latest war vehicle, the MAT-V,

built by Oshkosh Defense. This vehicle is insane!

For more information on the event, please visit MROF’s site here: http://www.maxsringoffire.org/touch-a-truck/

June 4th 2011 from 10am-3pm at the Torrey Pines High School

See you there!

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New Release: Predator H1 Shock System

Predator is proud to release our new H1 Performance Shock System. This system adds to your existing shocks making it a dual shock system. The high performance shocks are manufactured by Fox Racing Shocks and are offered in both Standard and Remote Reservior Systems. The advantage to the upgraded  Remote Reservior System is much improved fluid movement resulting in sustained shock performance under some of the roughest abuse.  For more pictures and information:  http://shop.predatorinc.com/predatorperformanceshocksystem.aspx .

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Predator Announces New Search and Rescue Bed Rack

We are excited to release our new H1 Search & Rescue Bed Rack! The exciting thing about our new rack is the obvious feature of it opening up to allow full access to the bed of your Hummer. Additionally the rack will lock in place to allow more security.

The rack is transformable, meaning you can easily remove the center section to allow full access to the bed of your H1. The transformation is as simple as removing 2 bolts! Once the center section is removed, the side racks can stay in place to allow for storage without having the center rack in place.

The unique mounting structure allows for a floating look on the sides with no ugly exposed mounts and can be used with our Roll Top Bed Cover. Finally each Search And Rescue Bed Bed Rack incorporates a hidden and protected dual hydraulic opening assist that opens up and stays up when loading and removing gear.

Available for both Soft Top and Hard Top H1 Hummers.  For more information http://shop.predatorinc.com/searchandrescuebedrack.aspx

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